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    Aspire Ascend is a consulting firm providing a comprehensive portfolio of board and career development services to enhance the success of women in leadership positions. 

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    Welcome to the Aspire Ascend website. We believe that this site, our premium services, and membership in Aspire Ascend’s Executive Edge will provide organizations and executive women with resources and connections that will significantly enhance gender equity and women in the boardroom. And they’re all in one place!

    I hope you will visit this site often, utilize its resources, take advantage of the services, professional development opportunities, and participate in a community of executive women who care about and help each other enhance their leadership skills.

    We have designed this website to provide you with the kind of resources and executive network women in leadership positions have told us would be most helpful.

    I encourage you to let us know how we can make it an even better tool for your professional and personal success.

        — Jan

    Jan Molino
    President and CEO

     EVENTS  2022

    January 26, 2022 Speaker.   Cerius Interim Executive Solution:  "Get Out From Behind the Potted Plant!"

    March 8, 2022- Speaker "International Women's Day DC Women's Group -"The Power of Women Working Together!"

    March 10, 2022-Speaker:  Bimbo Bakeries, USA; International Women's Day #BreaktheBias" panel discussion

    April 27, 2022 Speaker-The Manufacturing Institute:  STEP & Alumnae Program: "Board Service:  What's In  It For You!"

    May 10, 2022: Speaker-Chicago Women's Affinity Group-" Your Executive Network is Your Net Worth!"

    July 14, 2022: Speaker: Modern Healthcare Women in Leadership Conference.  " Corporate Boards and you!"

     EVENTS  2021

    January 25, 2021 Speaker.   The Leadership Foundry of Women in Technology:  "Developing Your Network for Board Service".  

    March11, 2021-Speaker:  Jan Molino & Mali Phonpadith-Gender Equity Starts with You!  Mini Summit.

    March 24,2021-Panelist Dulles Chamber of Commerce:  "Diversity and Small Business"

    April 20 -21, 2021 Speaker-Jan Molino & Mali Phonpadith. Gender Equity Master Class-2 day Workshop:  "Building Your Leadership Legacy" Register here

    July 21, 2021 -July 23, 2021  Modern Healthcare Women Leaders in Healthcare Conference. Speaker: Jan Molino:  The New Rules to a Corporate Board Seat: You Don't Have to Be a CEO!  2 Hour workshop

                                          EVENTS  2020

    August 14, 2020Modern Healthcare Women Leaders In Healthcare Conference: "How to Get Your First Seat on a For-Profit Board of Directors" 

    August 14, 2020: Speaker- Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce "Coffee with Coach Jan Molino"

    September 24, 2020: Women's Suffrage: The Fight Continues panel discussion moderated by Jan Molino

    October 9, 2020:  Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce:  Coffee with Coach Jan Molino

    October 21, 2020:  Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce:  Coffee with Coach Jan Molino

    November 10, 2020: Finding Ada Global Conference-"Building Power as a Female Executive!"

    November 12, 2020:  2020 Women on Boards Global Conversation 

    November 17, 2020:  2020 Women on Boards DC Conversation; Breakout coach/Director

    November 18, 2020:  2020 Women on Boards Boston Conversation; Breakout coach/Director

    December 9, 2020: Meet the Author Series: Jen Dalton and Jan Molino.  Discussing Women, Leadership and Challenges.  


    Listen to the September 24, 2020 Women Suffrage:  panel discussion:


    Listen to Modern Healthcare Women Leaders in Healthcare conference:  "How to get on your first for-profit board"


    Listen to Take On Board with Helga Svendsen: " Women! Own Your Own Success and Be Prepared to Talk About It!  


    Listen to #39: How to Land Your First Board Seat, with Jan Molino from Boardroom Bound with Alexander Lowry



    Listen to #042 : How to Build Your Personal Brand with Jan Molino from Motivated to Lead with Mark Klingsheim


    December 9, 2020: Meet the Author Series: Jen Dalton and Jan Molino.  Discussing Women, Leadership and Challenges.  

    Need a speaker on leadership, navigating board development, and power as a female executive?

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