Wine, Women, & Knowledge goes beyond “networking.” The program bring together an influential forum of women who share their insights, best practices, creative approaches to challenges, and the innovators who are utterly committed to raising the bar for all women.

    Wine, Women, & Knowledge (WWK) is a valuable Aspire Ascend networking opportunity where you can connect with fellow Aspire Ascend members or meet other women leaders like you.  Of course, the main attraction at Wine, Women, and Knowledge are the incredibly accomplished women and the ability to raise your professional profile and have fun while doing so!

    Discussions at WWK help move conversation quickly past polite small talk – and straight to the heart – where all real connections happen.

    WWK meet at the same time and in various locations and can even be hosted by Aspire Ascend members.

    WWK is open to all Aspire Ascend members, and others by invitation. If you are not a member and would like to be invited, please contact:  jan@aspire-ascend.com

     We look forward to seeing you soon at a WWK gathering!

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    Members: $60  |  Nonmembers: $95

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    "I never approached any assignment that, 'Oh, I'm a woman.' My gender doesn't really factor into my thinking as I come into the room."

                                                                                                                     –Mary Barra                                                                                                                                              CEO General Motors



    Jan was a guest speaker for the Blue Star Fellows' Speaker Series and her webinar was the highlight of the yearlong series.  This series of webinars aimed to provide our fellows, all military spouses, with an opportunity to learn professional development skills directly from industry leaders.  

    Jan's personal yet professional approach provided the fellows with tangible ways to transition from having a job to pursuing their career.  From tips to enhancing their resume, to insights for nailing their next interview, our fellows left feeling empowered to take their career to the next level.

    Since hosting the webinar, Jan has continued to mentor many of the participants, ensuring that they have the tools they need to be successful in their career pursuits.  Her dedication to women's success in their careers is deeply evident and we are grateful for her continued support of this highly skilled group of military spouses.

                                    Megan Glynn                                   Blue Star Families                           

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